Tom Corcoran
Documenting, supporting, connecting and, promoting fading cultures under threat 

Bio-cultural Diversity & Cultural Heritage Conservationist

National Geographic Global Explorer

Sumatra, Indonesia: Stories by the firelight,
Ambodvoangy, Madagascar
Roghan Silk Art
Padang-Pariaman, Sumatra, Indonesia
Nanga Parbat (Diamer)  Pakistan
Peshawar, Pakistan
Gamaran Protected Forest, Sumatra, Indonesia
Gamaran Protected Forest Sumatra, Indonesia
Rohingya Fisherman
Market Cloth Stall
Badghis, Afghanistan
Kabul, Afghanistan
Kibondo, Tanzania
Islamabad, Pakistan
Nduta Refugee Camp, Tanzania
Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh
Buddha Sculpture
Lubuk Alung, Sumatra, Indonesia
Herat, Afghanistan
Sumatra, Indonesia
Sumatra, Indonesia
Sumatra, Indonesia
Andaparaty, Madagascar
Harrari planting the first tree
Gamaran Protected Forest, Sumatra, Indonesia
Lahore Old City
Lubuk Alung, Indonesia

Documenting, recording and reporting the unique biocultural interactions between people and their natural resources; exploring the rich intangible cultural heritage of traditional ways of living;  Research, films, expeditions and project development in remote and hard to reach locations across the globe.

  • Working closely with traditional artisans and craft folk in the conservation of vernacular architecture, intangible and tangible cultural heritage and traditional ways of life. 

  • Working to document, highlight, strengthen and support the links between communities and their biocultural diversity, their artisanal skills, and the stories of heritage and the human spirit. 

  • Developing a platform for the traditional products, marketing and sales of verifiable traditional artisanal crafts and craftsmanship from across the globe.  Treating traditional artisans as partners and custodians of traditional knowledge ethically working with traditional knowledge.  


Current Projects include:

The Intangible Cultural Heritage of Displacement Communities: Rohingya Heritage

Thar Desert Culture and Diversity

Fading Cultures Transect Norther Pakistan

Exploring the Roots of Roghan Traditional Arts and the Silk Roads 

Culturally acquainting ourselves with nature and the stories of the human spirit