Tom Corcoran

Bio-cultural Diversity &

Cultural Heritage Conservation

Humanitarian & Development Specialist

The Lost Art of Roghan

The art of Rogan is sometimes referred to as “Wax painting”.  It is an ancient tradition that has its roots in Persian artisanal culture dating back possible to the 7th century.  Nestled in the back of a small furniture shop in Islamabad, Fayyaz Ahmad works with mesmerising skill, artistically following the lines of his latest creation.  Fayyaz Ahmad is the last of Pakistan’s Rogan artists.  For the past eight generations his family have passed on the skill from father to son but now Fayyaz has come to the end of the family line and he is on the hunt for new students in the hope that this art will not die.  As Fayyaz sets out on a journey across Pakistan in the hunt for trainees, I ask the question; in this modern era, what does it take to keep a fading art alive?     

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