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The Art of Roghan

Without question creating art is a fundamental part of being human. Roghan is a tradition artisanal craft that has its roots in early central Asian culture likely stemming from 7th century Buddhist art.  Nestled in the back of a small furniture shop in Islamabad, Fayyaz Ahmad works with mesmerising skill, artistically following the lines of his latest creation.  Fayyaz Ahmad is the last of Pakistan’s Rogan artists.  For the past eight generations his family have passed on the skill from father to son but now Fayyaz has come to the end of the family line.  As Fayyaz sets out on a journey, the hunt for trainees, we ask the question; in this modern era, what does it take to keep a fading ancient art alive?     

Traditional Knowledge of the Sea

Spending a life living and working by the sea gives fisherfolk extensive traditional knowledge of the world above and below.  As overfishing continues globally the Rohingya fisher folk of Karachi recall the change through decades of stories and poems.  Despite the large economic contribution the fishing communities provide to the greater Pakistan, these communities continue to suffer statelessness.  Here we look at the long and dedicated contribution fishing as heritage as brought to Karachi and greater Pakistan.


Rohingya Traditional Healers

For stateless communities in Karachi, traditional healers are a critical component of health services.  While some remedies have merit, many of the ailments of poverty in slum communities cannot be addressed with herbs. Here we work with traditional healers, exploring their role in supporting positive health outcomes in Karachi's stateless communities      

Rohingya Cultural Heritage

Conflict and disaster driven displacement is a growing challenge for humanity and this growing trend is set to continue for the foreseeable future.  As people are forced to flee their homes, through conflict, disaster or for economic reasons, they leave behind much of their way of life, their cultural connection to home, land tradition’s and ancestry often seeking assistance from strangers in foreign environments.  

Artisanal Skills: Cultural Heritage of Afghanistan

The art of Rogan     


Dance of the Royal Drum, Tanzania

The art of Rogan     

From Logging to Tourism: Gamarin PA Indonesia

The art of Rogan     


Biocultural Diversity, Makira Madagascar

The Makira Natural Park is Madagascar's largest terrestrial Category II protected area.  It covers some 372,470 hectares of low and mid-altitude rainforest. The boast an exceptional biodiversity and levels of species endemism, noted amongst the highest in the country. Yet, the Makira also boasts a large number of communities many of whom depend on the forest for their very survival.  

Traditional Brick making & Deforestation

The art of Rogan is     

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Minang Kabau Heritage & the Art of Silat

The art of Rogan   

Peshawar's Story Tellers Bazar

The art of Rogan is     

Environment: Zartari Refugee Camp, Jordan

The art of Rogan     

Earthen Building in Afghanistan 

The art of Rogan      


Artisanal Skills: Refugee Women in Shelter

The art of Rogan      

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