Tom Corcoran

Bio-cultural Diversity &

Cultural Heritage Conservation

Humanitarian & Development Specialist

Research and project development,

Stateless people in fishing communities, Karachi, Pakistan

Traditional Jewellery, Karachi, Pakistan

Refugee woman's and Craft Stories

Reintegration: shelter projects, Afganistan

Supporting traditional Artisan's

Traditional Rammed earth heritage building reconstruction

Norwegian Refuge  Council and Turquoise Mountain Trust, Afghanistan

Rohingya Traditional Healers

Engaging with traditional health systems

Community based resource management 

Kibondo Tanzania 

Alternative fuels in traditional brick making
Lubuk Alung, Indonesia

Shelter, Environment and community engagement
Nduta/Mtendeli Refugee camps Tanzania
Adventure tourism development
Garaman Protected Area Sumatra, Indonesia
Drought response 
North-west Afghanistan
Ritual dance of the royal drum
Burundi refugee community Kibondo
Rohingya refugee intangible cultural heritage
Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh
Tree planting and grey water gardens 
Zaatari Refugee Camp, Jordan
Conservation through Poverty Alleviation
Makira Protected Area, Madagascar

Intangible cultural heritage

The Story Tellers Bazar, Peshawar, Pakistan

Intangible cultural heritage

Keeping the traditional art of Sylat alive, Sumatra Barat